About UET
Our Missions

Establish close, lasting ties with the member federations

Encourage exchange of information and draft common regulations for breeding and racing, in particular via the international Agreement that must be implemented in all the member countries

Establish the international races calendar

Harmonise and ensure application of common rules and decisions relating to breeding and racing

Represent overall trot racing interests of international events

Promote trot racing in the media

Our values Animal welfare at the heart of our concerns During our last General Assembly, the members of the UET adopted a modification of the preamble of our international agreement in order to place equine welfare as one of the priority values.

“The welfare of the horse is our priority and should never be subordinated to the influences of competition or trade.“
Our history

The Union Européenne du Trot was first established in 1973. It originally brought together 9 national federations in Europe, who decided to pool their efforts aimed at setting up a supranational common entity. Its influence grew over time.


1973 Creation of the UET

The UET was founded by Germany, Austria, Belgium, Danmark, France, Italy, the Nederlands, Norway and Sweden.

1985 Creation of the Grand Prix of the UET

It is a harnessed trotting horse race taking place in the fall on a European racecourse designated each year by the UET.

2023 Creation of the UET Elite Circuit

Several European races will be determined with a points system before a final organized in October and which will take place half the time in France.

Our team
Marjaana ALAVIUHKOLA President
Achille CASSART 1st Vice-president
Camiel MELLEGERS 2nd Vice-president
Guillaume MAUPAS General secretary
Peter TRUZLA Technical adviser
Isabelle GIZARDIN Executive secretary